7 Things About the Father

7 Things About the Father

In the final message of “The Tale of Two Sons” series, we take a closer look at the father from the parable. From his interactions with both sons, we know that he is patient, slow to anger and compassionate.

The love he demonstrated to his sons was unconditional, despite their mistakes or the dishonor shown to him. He was also a generous giver to his sons, even when they weren’t worthy of what they were receiving.

Similar to the father in the parable, God does all of these things for us and more. Even when we get off track, He still love us the same and meets each and every one of our needs because His unfailing love is steadfast.

Unfortunately, we sometimes want to throw in the towel when life gets tough. Other times, we become self-righteous and look down on others, particularly when God is moving mountains in their lives.

Instead of giving up, we should take ownership of our mistakes and ask God to cover us so that we can experience peace and deliverance. We also have a responsibility to encourage those who seem so disconnected from God, yet God is being patient with them because God does the same for us each time we sin.

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Living In Grace and Peace,

Dr. Derek Grier

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