4 Key Characteristics of People in Your Life

4 Key Characteristics of People in Your Life

When evaluating relationships and working through conflicts, it is important to have certain standards and non-negotiables in place. Here are four characteristics that will help you when evaluating the people in your personal and professional circle:

  1. Character: Make sure the person has integrity. Character is not something a person will just “turn on” later. This will ensure that you surround yourself with positive, healthy people. Talent is good, but only if the foundation beneath it is biblically strong!
  2. Competence: Simply put, can this person execute? Are they on time? Are they diligent? Or do you have to “lower the bar” to make things work? Evaluating competence will help you understand if the person can effectively partner with you.
  3. Chemistry: Do you get along with this person? Make sure you have a natural flow. This doesn’t mean you won’t have to work at getting along, but it does mean that, fundamentally, you have the ability to work well together.
  4. Calling: This essential piece is often ignored. A paycheck is good incentive; but, when the storms come, calling is the thing that will determine if people weather the storm, or walk away. Make sure those around you have a sense of calling that will keep them committed to serving alongside you for the long haul.

Where there are people, there are problems. Conflict is inevitable. But you can use these four standards to choose your partners wisely, and ensure that your conflicts are still productive.  

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