God Has a Plan for You!


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Can We Pray For You?


When Praise Gets Hard

What do we do when times get tough, and we find it difficult to praise the Lord? This very situation is outlined in Psalm 103 by David. When David finds himself in a difficult spot and finds it hard to continue to worship the Lord, he reminds himself of who the Lord is and all that He has done for him!

Exalting His Name

We each must come to recognize that God has plans for each of our lives. Whether or not we follow His guidance in our lives is up to us. So, when you feel the Lord guiding you, are you quick to follow His promptings? Or do you operate according to your fleshy desires? We need to be intentional in both living out the plans God has for us and giving Him the glory that comes with it!

Perilous Times

Are you letting your past affect your future? Oftentimes, we let the adversities, obstacles, and pain from our past shape our future. We live in both fear and uncertainty, and don’t trust that the plans God has for us will really come to fruition. We need to learn to let go of our past to embrace God’s future for us—strive to live out the plans He has written for your life!