God Has a Plan for You!


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Can We Pray For You?


Just Keep Walking

When faced with a storm, where do you turn to? Time and time again in God’s Word, we see Him saving, providing for, and protecting His people. We see Him part the Red Sea for Moses, help David slay Goliath, and even helped Peter to walk on water. Our God is anything but limited by what we expect!

He Shall Hide Me

Psalm 27 is written by David as he flees Saul, his army, and their plans to kill him to stop his claim to the throne. While any normal person would be scared for their life as they fled the army and king of one of the most powerful nations on earth at the time, David was not. Instead, he took quite a different stance. David recognized that His God was greater than his problem.

Let It Go

Consistency is comfortable. It’s only natural to gravitate towards situations, relationships, and places that we feel safe and comfortable in. But, God’s plan for us doesn’t always have us in places of comfort. Time and time again in God’s Word, in fact, we see His children undergo difficult situations. But these aren’t meaningless hardships, they are used to grow the individual.