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Live Big 

​Empowering You to Obtain God’s Promises!

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Transforming Lives Today,
Through Your Generosity.

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equip the Next generation of STUDENTS

We spread the Gospel to millions of people around the world through international TV broadcasting, social media, radio, podcasts, and the National Unity Weekend Initiative. To us, spreading the gospel is not just a duty, but a privilege.

Virginia Christian College (VACC) is a fully accredited institution offering sixteen degrees and four certificates from bachelors to doctorates. Established in 2011 by Dr. Derek Grier, it is now led by our current president, Dr. Courtney McBath.


Through local-church giveaways and dedicated missionaries, we provide food to families in our neighborhoods and extend aid to communities worldwide. Food scarcity is a complicated issue, but the act of filling a hungry stomach is not!

plant neW CHURCHES

With your support, we are actively planting new churches and nurturing Christian fellowship across the globe. Strong churches are the bedrock of strong communities.

empower Rising LEADERS

Your generosity also empowers the Renaissance Leadership Network (RLN)—our monthly (September-June) online training sessions that Dr. Grier established for sculpting servant-leaders in both the church and business world.

John Maxwell, respected leadership expert and author of over 70+ books stated, “Everything rises & falls on leadership.” When you help leaders grow, you uplift all who stand with them.

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