To our many BET viewers, thank you so much for your loyalty and faithfulness over the past 3 and a half years! BET has decided to change their programming structure to discontinue all Christian programming on the network. We are grateful for each one of you, and your support of our ministry. Please click here to see our broadcast schedule and find out where you can watch LIVE BIG with Derek Grier!

God Has a Plan for You!


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Can God Trust You?

Can God Trust You?

July 20, 2018
God has allowed each of us to experience life here on Earth, but it is His desire for us to develop an eternal mindset. When…
Abraham’s Lean

Abraham’s Lean

July 19, 2018
There will come a time in your life where experiencing everything God has promised you will only happen when you step out in faith and…
My Son, My Son, Absalom!

My Son, My Son, Absalom!

July 18, 2018
On today's program we're coming to the end of our study on the life of Absalom, separated from his father, bent on vengeance and ultimately…

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